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GMP Federation

Group Insurance


 We provide the following Group Insurance Schemes:










 If you are changing your partner/spouse beneficiary details to a new partner, the requested allocation of the scheme death benefits, as per the below request, will be recognised by the scheme trustees.

However, if you also have spouse/cohabiting partner insurance (i.e. £70,000 life, £5,000 critical illness) this cannot be transferred to your new partners name and your partner will have to complete an application to join the scheme. If they are accepted your ex-partners details will be replaced/removed. You should speak to the federation office for advice on 69669 or 0161 355 4400 

Beneficiary Nomination Form

Please complete all details, and return the signed form to the: Greater Manchester Police Federation, Progress House, Broadstone Hall Road South, Reddish, Stockport, SK5 7DE


 Legal Document Service.

 As part of the Group Insurance scheme, we also offer an excellent service for creating various legal documents called ARC Law Assistance Document Service. Use the instructions in the link to create many common legal documents for free including making a simple will, complaints, finance, holidays & travel, identity theft, neighbour disputes, renting a property, workplace agreements etc.