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The 30 regional representatives that make up PFEW’s current Interim National Board are equally split by the three ranks so there are 10 constable reps, 10 sergeant reps and 10 inspector reps.  You will find the details of the 10 regional representatives for inspectors within the sub-menu and the chair and general secretary of the inspectors below. 

Other relevant information can be found within the sub-menu including pay scales.

Please note: From 1 January 2018, separate rank committees within the national Police Federation as well as local Police Federations will no longer officially exist in police regulations. They will be replaced following the election process which is due to be completed by the autumn.  

Contacting the Inspectors
To get in touch please email  


Barry Fletcher 

Barry Fletcher
Inspectors' Regional Representatives

Tim Packham
General Secretary/Treasurer
Inspectors' Regional Representatives