Increased terror threat

16 January 2015

In response to recent attacks in Paris and Belgium, national counter-terrorism lead AC Mark Rowley has announced an increase in the threat level to ‘severe’ for police officers and Jewish communities.

Steve White, Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales said:

“Any increase in threat for any section of the community to ‘severe’ is of grave concern.  However as a service we remain resolute and committed to keeping the public safe.

“The level of extreme terrorism that we are facing on an international scale cannot be underestimated and the police service and its security partners are doing all they can.

“Police officers face life-threatening risks on a daily basis and are prepared to do so fully aware of the risks involved.  As a service we are regularly assessing what we do in order to adapt to the changing and challenging issues we face.

“We continue to urge police officers and staff to follow existing policies and good practice to counter terrorism and ensure their own safety.

“It has always been good practice, regardless of threat level, to avoid wearing uniform and take sensible precautions when travelling to and from work.

“We re-emphasise and fully support the guidance issued by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley in his capacity as national policing lead on counter-terrorism.”