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Why officer welfare is critical

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Health and safety secretary, John Murphy talks about the issue of capacity in a service under pressure.

The Federation’s officer, demand, capacity and welfare survey has unveiled the true extent of a police service under pressure.  Years of budget cuts have wreaked havoc on the police service and we can now evidence the emotional and physical toll this is taking on beleaguered officers who are doing a whole lot more with less.

Where is the resilience and more importantly, how much more can our officers take?

Notably, the results show that capacity is a huge issue;

Why we are campaigning to 'Protect the Protectors'

Monday, 06 February 2017

Vice-Chair Calum Macleod introduces our new campaign and looks at how big a problem assaults on police really are.

This week we launched in earnest our campaign to Protect the Protectors: our collective bid to make a real difference to the working lives of officers and potentially other emergency sector workers.

Not only do we want a change in legislation to help get tougher sentences for those who assault police and other emergency workers, but we are also seeking better training and access to equipment – wider roll-out of protection measures, such as Taser, body worn video and spit guards.

Why we support calls for a Police Covenant

Friday, 03 February 2017

Following the launch of Police Oracle’s BluePrint campaign, national Chair Steve White explains why there needs to be changes in policing.

Last week Police Oracle launched BluePrint – a campaign that calls on the government to fulfil its duty of protecting officers, both in the job and when they have been forced out of the service due to physical injuries or mental trauma.

We spoke to them ahead of this, and told them the Federation would absolutely support such a campaign. And who said the media and police can’t work together?!

A policing-specific news website, Police Oracle says it wants to back officers and will lobby politicians, launch a petition and call on extended police family for support. They want to see a Police Covenant established to help grieving families when all other doors remain closed – we couldn’t agree more.

Counter terrorism: We all play our part

Thursday, 01 December 2016

This week is Counter Terrorism Awareness Week and across England and Wales. Simon Kempton, the Federation's lead on counter terrorism, looks at how far we've come and how we all play a role in keeping communities safe.

From now, across the Christmas period and into 2017, members of the public will see a heightened policing presence.

We know that this time of the year has, historically, brought with it a heightened threat. To police officers across the country it means working longer hours, more days and willingly facing that increased risk in order to keep the public safe. It means being away from our families on days that other people spend with those they love.

Welfare and demand – the next steps

Tuesday, 01 November 2016

At a time of growing demand on the police service, Mary Elliott-Davies, Research Practitioner at the Federation of England and Wales, outlines the on-going work to understand the impact of this on the welfare of officers.

Over the last few years it’s been cuts, cuts and more cuts. Since 2010, the central budget for policing has been slashed by over 20% resulting in a 14% fall in officer numbers, the equivalent of over 19,000 officers.

This substantial drop spurred us to start exploring the impacts; who this might be affecting, and how. As such our national survey on officer welfare and demand was born.

During focus groups with Federation Health and Safety reps, we asked them questions about their experiences of staffing levels, factors that affected these, and what the common outcomes were for both officers and the general public when staffing didn’t meet demand.

After careful analysis we identified all the emergent themes and how they interacted with each other. The two key issues raised were:

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