Federation fully supports Memorial build

08 December 2018

Fallen officers

Fallen officers hat memorial

PFEW has donated nearly a quarter of a million pounds towards the UK Police Memorial Project.

The Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire will be a physical symbol of remembrance for all those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The build is due to begin next year and provides a physical place for visitors to pay their respects.

PFEW National Chair, John Apter, said the Federation was “fully supportive of the plans to build a police memorial” which will “complement the other memorials across the country.”

“Police officers face danger and some of life’s most unpleasant jobs in order that a civilised society such as ours can operate and we must never take it for granted that a small number of those never make it home at the end of their shifts,” he said. “We have already collectively donated a considerable sum of money to this project and look forward to seeing it develop. In addition we continue to honour those officers who have given their lives through the yearly donation of £30,000 to the national police memorial in the Mall, as well as playing an active part in the organisation and promotion of annual National Police Memorial Day which honours fallen officers in a humbling and fitting ceremony.”

Recent news reports suggesting that PFEW was not supportive of the project and “gone back on its word” to provide an additional £750,000 towards the project were inaccurate and disingenuous, PFEW said. 

John continued: “This is absolutely not the case and I have personally been a supporter of this project. While we have been asked to give a further £760,000 towards the project, at this stage we have no immediate plans to donate any more than we already have. We are currently operating at a deficit budget and while this is reduced significantly over the last two years, what is in reserves is approximately less than ones years’ operating costs and it would be wrong of us if we were to give a significant amount of money away and then not be able to fund cases in support of our members, or as a result then be required to put up subscription rates which have currently been frozen for eight years.

"Following the independent review we have been through an incredible amount of reform and we now have a financial governance structure which rightly means that funding requests of this nature have to be formally made to the board and council for a decision.

“We continue to support this project and we look forward to seeing it develop and a fitting memorial be unveiled.”

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