Survey seeks views from across policing on menopause

18 October 2018

EveryonePause Survey

Men and women are being urged to speak out about menopause as Federation seeks to improve understanding and support

To mark World Menopause Day, 18 October 2018, the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has today launched a survey entitled ‘EveryonePause’ to address an important issue that affects the entire workforce – the menopause.   The Federation says it is relevant for everyone to stop and take part – to have their say on an issue that has much wider implications than what is generally perceived.
This is the first survey of this kind to be launched across policing and will be supported by a number of stakeholders and working groups.

Leading on the initiative for the Federation, women’s lead, Hayley Aley said:  “Across PFEW, women representatives have reported that there is a growing issue of officers and staff across all forces receiving varying levels of support at this difficult time in their lives.

"We are all working for longer and in differing roles and this transition can have a huge effect and impact greatly on capabilities within the workplace. To support organisations in realising the scope and scale of issues around the menopause, we are asking officers, staff and line managers for their support with this survey – it’s not solely about personal experiences - we want to understand what line managers and senior leaders are aware of around this subject. It is anticipated that the findings will help with education, understanding and support for all.

“Senior leaders have a responsibility for the welfare and wellbeing of their workforce, and to support individuals appropriately when they need it.  The purpose of this survey is to give us the evidence to provide leaders to action what needs to change, to ensure forces provide the right support and guidance to all.  This will ultimately give confidence to individuals that when it is their turn to face this transition, if needed, appropriate support and adjustments can be identified."

Chair John Apter encourages members to take part in the Menopause Survey and give their feedback.