Lush retract ‘Spy Cops’ campaign following public backlash

08 June 2018

PFEW Chair Calum MacleodCosmetic Company ‘Lush’ announce suspension of ‘Spy Cops’ campaign after offensive shop window displays spark public backlash. 

The campaign seeks to highlight the undercover policing enquiry into the London-based Special Demonstration Squad - the special branch unit tasked with infiltrating political groups between 1968 and 2008. But in doing so it has tarred all officers with the same brush with offensive materials plastered in their shop windows which has offended hard working police officers up and down the country by badging them as ‘liars’.

In a statement Calum Macleod, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “I am glad that the management at Lush have come to their senses and finally retracted the highly offensive and insulting materials from window displays up and down the country.

“Let us be clear where there is wrong doing it should of course be properly investigated and any victims should be supported. However, the materials plastered in their shop windows for all to see offered no explanation and simply targeted police as a whole as ‘spies and liars’.

“I am disappointed that Lush haven’t had the decency to admit that their campaign was poorly executed and with it issued a public apology to officers up and down the country who they have so deeply offended.

“I would like to thank the public for the overwhelming support they have shown and to our incredible police service who work tirelessly day in day out to keep the public safe.”