A career for life… for five years

23 May 2018

Dr Fran Boag-Munroe

Dr Fran Boag-Munroe

This is the harsh reality that is hitting police forces across England and Wales.

Research conducted by the Police Federation found the majority of new recruits join the service with the intention of staying for life, but after five years only a third still see it that way.

More than 100 delegates attended a session at Conference today where Dave Bamber, Interim National Board Member, and Dr Fran Boag-Munroe, Police Federation Research Practitioner, delivered the findings.  Dr Boag-Munroe said: "The majority of new recruits do join with the intention of staying until retirement age. The fact that after five years only 38% of them still see themselves staying for that long must mean that their experiences in those five years lead them to think otherwise."

The stats show that officers are leaving because of issues such as their physical and mental health, low morale and the impact the job has on their family and personal life. She continued: "Recruiting officers is one thing, keeping them is another and if officers are not being supported to achieve what they want within their career, this could impact on retention going forward."

Mr Bamber said: "It is clear from the data collected that in order to keep officers we need to have the facilities, flexibility and funding to offer proper rewards, proper pay structures and a proper work-life balance.

"It is vital that we use the research available to support our arguments and plan for the future. We couldn’t properly and effectively represent our members without the information the research department makes available to us."