Blog: A Federation that reflects its membership

07 March 2018

Hayley Aley

Hayley Aley, Equality lead

Equality lead for the Federation Hayley Aley writes about positive change, equality and the current elections.

As we are now in the middle of our elections, I was reminded of the steps that the Federation is taking and the progress it has made to ensure that the people you elect, do actually represent you - the membership. Your representatives work hard on your behalf to influence and negotiate for you in the role that you do, but they also represent you when both individually and collectively you need them to influence police leaders and ensure collective voices are heard, especially with regards to equality and diversity.

The electoral reforms that we have put in place over the past four years have changed, for the better, the opportunity to have greater representation for all of our members.     

Believe me, if you’ve read the Federation’s regulations and rules lately, you’ll see just how detailed and precise are the measures that are in place with regards to the election process. This is to ensure that at the various levels within the organisation - from each Branch Board up to the National Board - those that you elect do represent you and our membership as a whole.

Because of the Federation’s role and its visibility in public life, it also needs to be in-step with the communities it comes into contact with and in line with the Home Office’s Diversity Strategy.

Perhaps I can hear some say ‘So why does it matter?’. Well, the simple answer is that it does matter because if the constitution and governance of the Federation chooses to ignore large groups of its membership, not only would we be at odds with current legislation (the Equality Act 2010), we would also be missing a fantastic opportunity - an opportunity that means the Federation is inclusive, diverse, provides opportunities for all and really understands the issues that each and every one of us faces. We are only at the start of our journey to safeguard representation for gender and BME, we will also be working hard to continue to encourage other areas of diversity to get involved and bring their voices to the Federation via networking, and hopefully standing in our ongoing elections.

I’m sure that everyone who is seeking election is doing so in order to make a change and because they want to ensure that the issues and opportunities that you encounter are raised and addressed, for the benefit of all. And ‘all’ is the key word.

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