DfT offers support to roads police officers

01 February 2018

Pauline Reeves

Pauline Reeves from the Department for Transport addressing officers at our Roads Policing Conference

Roads police officers have a 'friend' in central government and the top civil servant is keen to hear your views.

Pauline Reeves, Assistant Director at the Department for Transport (DfT), told delegates at this year's Roads Policing Conference: "We really support you and we want to do more to support you.  I am your friend. I am your friend in government.  And I really want to work with you."

Ms Reeves, who was appointed six months ago, stressed she was keen to hear from officers familiar with the unique issues facing them and encouraged them to let her know what the DfT could be doing to help them, saying she was there to 'steal their ideas.'

Ms Reeves highlighted the areas her department is currently focusing on including further research connected with young drivers especially on rural roads, the continuing problem of drivers using mobile phones, drink and drug related driving offences, and the issues facing older drivers as the UK population ages.

She promised that she would liaise with other stakeholders such as the DVLA and the motor manufacturing industry on matters such as providing police officers with 24-hour accessibility to the DVLA and the potential for officers to access information from telematics black boxes which could yield vital data in collision investigations.