Officers should "welcome IOPC"

01 February 2018

Jayne Willetts at Roads Policing Conference 2018

Roads Policing Lead Jayne Willetts addressing this year's conference

Police forces need to be less fearful of the Independent Office for Police Conduct and welcome them in, according to roads policing lead Jayne Willetts.

Ms Willets said that representatives of the IOPC should be “in the room” when road policing is discussed to enable them to become better informed about officers’ concerns.

Speaking at our Roads Policing Conference she said: “I would love there to be someone here today from the IOPC –to sit in and listen to what our fears and our issues are.

"However historically there has been reluctance because of the fear that we would round on them or not listen to them - but we all need to be on the same page.

“For too long we have not been, but there has been a sea-change. The more they listen, the more they engage with us, the more they understand our processes and get better training themselves – the more things will improve. I want them to take part in the debate.”

Her comments were echoed by Anthony Bangham who is the Roads Policing lead for the National Police Chiefs' Council who said: “The Federation has done a lot of work in attempting to bring in the IOPC.

“I think one of the best things we have done is to bring them into our training and not protect it as we have done in the past. The more that they see us, they more they will understand what we do.”

Ms Willetts also called for there to be better education within the police forces own Professional Standards Departments when it comes to issues surrounding pursuit driving.

“If we have the right investigators investigating I think some of the mis-justices we have seen end up in a court of law may not occur.”