Stand and vote in our coming elections

19 January 2018

Stand for election graphic

Members are being encouraged to stand and vote in the forthcoming Police Federation representative elections - the Metropolitan Branch will open nominations for elected representatives on Thursday 25 January, with the rest of the 42 Branches opening their workplace representative nominations a week later on Thursday 1 February.

These national elections, usually held every three years, were due to begin in 2016, but due to extensive organisational reform being undertaken by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), the elections could not be run until new regulations governing the organisation were approved by the Home Office and made law – this happened on 31 December.

The 2018 elections will be the first to take place using a new process recommended by the Federation’s 2014 Independent Review. The new process allows members to vote for their workplace reps, local chairs as well as the national chair via an electronic voting system.

Workplace reps undertake their representative duties alongside their duties as a police officer and you can find out the benefits of being a rep on our Reps@Work page. Information on the first round of elections for workplace reps, including how to self-nominate and how to vote, is being sent directly to all rank and file officers via PNN email addresses. You can view the Branch election timetable on our Elections page and a link to the nominations site will also be published there shortly.

Why should members consider standing as a rep?

Becoming a PFEW workplace representative is a great way to develop new skills and take your career to new heights while also making a difference for your colleagues.

Any subscribing member from PC to chief inspector can nominate themselves and stand for election as a workplace rep, automatically becoming part of their local Branch Council. From there you can stand to be on your Branch Board, then stand for a regional or a national role if you wish.

We are making a special plea to members from under-represented groups to consider putting themselves forward to become reps to help better reflect the diversity of our membership.

Further information

If you have any questions about being a rep, please contact your local Branch or read more about standing for election and Reps@Work which explains the important work of our reps.

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