'Become a rep and make your voice heard'

27 November 2017

Equality lead for the Federation, Hayley Aley is fronting a new video which encourages members to consider becoming a Federation representative.

The triennial process of electing new reps will restart early next year and those who are successful will have an opportunity to not only support their colleagues, but also to develop their own skills, training and experiences.

Mrs Aley is spearheading the Reps@Work campaign to raise awareness of the good work of Fed reps and to encourage officers from all backgrounds to consider becoming reps.

She says: “I want to encourage more officers to step forward and consider becoming a Fed rep. It’s a role that is really dear to my heart, but more importantly because I know the opportunities that are out there. You will find yourself in situations where your voice is listened to, not only locally but also across the force, regionally or even nationally.”

In the video she speaks about why she decided to join PFEW – to seek help to challenge a difficult situation in the workplace – and tackles the myth that a Fed role is something for the twilight years of an officer's career. In fact it can be a springboard to taking your career to the next level.

A range of resources are available via the Federation’s website and intranet (The Hub) including case studies and videos of existing reps, articles, factsheets, infographics, posters to help branch boards to promote the Reps@Work campaign.

Mrs Aley adds: “The diversity of the membership should be reflected in the people of the Police Federation and the voices that are taking the messages forward. There are tonnes of opportunities, whether as a workplace rep, a regional representative, a full time official and also a national representative – we want you, we want to hear your voice.”

Contact your local Branch Board to find out more about the role of a Fed Rep or visit the Reps@Work page.