New College Of Policing CEO must connect with the front line

07 November 2017

Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham, New College of Policing CEO

As Mike Cunningham is announced as the new Chief Executive Officer for the College of Policing, Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), reiterated the need for the College to better demonstrate its relevance to the front line and take the helm in addressing the ever increasing issue of police welfare.

Mr White said: “We congratulate Mike Cunningham on his appointment during a critical time for policing. We would encourage him to now lead the way in working closely with the Federation to help bridge the gap between the College and those on the front line of policing, demonstrating its relevance to rank-and-file officers who are confused about its link to their day to day work.

“Beyond their remit to provide those working in policing with the skills and knowledge to protect the public they have a leading role in protecting officers themselves. Our own evidence shows that welfare and resilience in policing has never needed such serious attention. Police leaders are sitting up to this fact and through its professional committee, and following the recent award of £7.5 million for a new national welfare service, the College must take the reins in effectively addressing the issues that exist.”

“The Federation looks forward to discussing those challenges and others with Mr Cunningham”.