New guidance on outcomes in misconduct proceedings

26 October 2017

College of Policing

Guidance aimed at making misconduct hearings more fair and consistent for officers has been published by the College of Policing.

As part of assessing the seriousness in cases, misconduct panels will consider, amongst other things, the officer's record, culpability for the misconduct, the harm caused, aggravating factors and mitigation.

The guidance does not, however, override the discretion of those presiding and it cannot prescribe the outcome.

Phill Matthews, our national conduct lead, said: “We were consulted on the draft guidance and made a number of representations on a range of issues.

"Broadly, in its present format, we found the guidance too loaded towards the presumption of the dismissal of officers. We believe decisions should be focussed more around the merits of each individual case as a fairer approach.

"We are still keen to work with the College and other stakeholders to ensure that the police disciplinary system is fair, proportionate and transparent, but it has to be so both for the public, but also for police officers.”