Shining the light on detective policing

13 October 2017

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A significant annual event for detectives, the PFNDF aims to shine a light on the incredible work done by officers in this vital role in policing.

At a time where officers are struggling more and more with heavy workloads, low morale and physical and mental wellbeing issues, this event goes some way to showcase some incredible investigations and recognise some of the finest detectives in policing.

The Forum shared some lows – the headline findings from our latest national detectives’ survey make for grim reading and reveal shocking, but not surprising issues which the PFNDF will take forward on behalf of members with senior figures in policing and government.

But delegates also shared some incredible highs, hearing from lead investigators in some of the country’s most fascinating cases, including Operation Yawler – a counter terrorism investigation by West Midlands Police into suspects linked to the recent Paris and Brussels attacks; the investigation into the murder of Rhys Jones;  the Sussex Police Investigation into the Shoreham air disaster; and Operation Kinross – the investigation into the murder of Sadie Hartley.

Martin Plummer, Chair of PFNDF said: "Last year we spoke about morale being low, and sadly this has continued to plummet. The results of our national survey are shocking but sadly not surprising.

"As we all know detectives are overworked and stressed, yet the investigations that formed part of this year's agenda and the nominee and winners' stories are testimony to the incredible resilience of detective officers.

"Against all odds, time and again, my colleagues continue to give the job their all.  This event aims to shine a light on their work and dedication.

"British policing has always produced the best detectives in the world and I am proud to be a part of this legacy."

On Thursday evening we gave recognition to some of the finest officers in England and Wales with our PFNDF awards.