Call to better support emergency services

20 September 2017

PC Heather Caurana

Assault victim PC Heather Caurana of Surrey Police

Today we have launched an online petition asking the public to support improved protection for their emergency service workers.

The launch coincides with day one of the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham and aims to evidence just how much support is out there for emergency service workers as part of the Federation’s ‘Protect the Protectors’ campaign.

The campaign is pushing for a change in legislation to impose tougher sentences on those who assault an emergency service worker.  It is hoped that this will act as a strong deterrent in light of a currently unaccepted level of violence as it is estimated that an assault on a police officer takes place every four minutes.

The issue has already been heard in the House of Commons via a Private Members Bill, raised by Chris Bryant MP - a second reading of the Bill is due to take place on 20 October.

Chris Bryant MP says that assaults on the people we rely on most ‘is plain unacceptable and we politicians must do everything in our power to try and curb this spiral of violence against emergency workers’.

Mr Bryant went on to say:  “I hope this won’t mean lots more people will go to prison, but that people will think long and hard before attacking an emergency worker.  We have to stop the violence.  We have to protect the protectors.  Write to your MP to tell them to be in Parliament on 20 October to back our Bill.”

Calum Macleod, Vice Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, will be presenting the campaign at the Emergency Services Show this Thursday.  Mr Macleod said:  “The change that we are asking for will really make a difference, not only for police officers, but also for our emergency service colleagues who are out there doing a very tough job in extremely difficult circumstances.

“These are the people we all rely on and they deserve our support and a change in the law so that they are better protected.

“By taking the campaign to the Emergency Services Show we can spread the word with a view to working more collaboratively with our blue light colleagues to effect the change that is so badly needed.”

Get behind your emergency service workers – sign the petition here.