Police Minister hails police heroes at Bravery Awards

18 July 2017

Nick Hurd

Nick Hurd paid tribute to the police heroes across the country when he spoke at the Police Bravery Awards.

The Minister for Policing and the Fire Services was attending the awards for the first time, and admitted he was moved by the incredible stories of police bravery that were showcased at the event.

He presented the Region 5 award to Essex’s Sgt Richard Burgess on a memorable night at the Dorchester Hotel, where a total of 71 officers from 40 forces were nominated.

“The Home Secretary warned me it was going to be a very powerful evening and even with that warning I’ve found it to be very moving,” he said. “I’m new in the job, but everywhere I’ve gone I’ve met people who’ve done extraordinary things, it happens every day in every force.

“I think it’s really important that when people have done extraordinary things they are recognised, which is what these awards are about. They tell a story about what happens across the police force.

“The stories are absolutely stunning, whether they are off-duty or on-duty when that moment arises they just step up and do their duty.”

Addressing the nominees and their guests before presenting the award to Sgt Burgess, he also spoke about the efforts of officers at the Grenfell Tower incident last month.

“A few weeks ago the Home Secretary and I went to say thank you to some of the firefighters who showed such extraordinary bravery to save at least 65 lives in the horror scene that was Grenfell Tower,” he said.

“And what a number of them wanted to say was about their profound respect for the police officers that were on duty that night, using just their shields they did everything they could to protect those firefighters as they went in and out of that building while hell rained down.

“The underlying theme of this night is that every day in every force in the country police officers are doing extraordinary things, taking risks to protect us, so as a Minister, a Member of Parliament and a member of the public, I want to say thank you.”