Home Secretary hails brave officers' “extraordinary” efforts

17 July 2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd meets bravery nominees

The Home Secretary hailed the “extraordinary” efforts of police officers up and down the country as she attended the Police Bravery Awards.

Amber Rudd presented the overall winner’s trophy to Northumbria’s PC Sarah Currie, PC Michael Otterson and Sgt Elliott Richardson at the ceremony.

She said: “It’s been another inspiring evening. It’s just a fantastic opportunity to hear the individual stories of bravery, of teams throughout the country where policemen and women have put themselves in harm’s way to do their duty, to save people and to really show the great things that our police officers do.”

It was the Home Secretary’s second Police Bravery Awards, having attended last year’s event on her first day in the role, but she admits having extra time to prepare did not change the impact of the stories she heard.    

“In a way nothing prepares you because you come prepared to hear certain things, but it’s the individual stories that make the whole evening come to life,” she added. “When you hear those individual police men and women telling you exactly what happened when they took these extraordinary steps to do these extraordinary acts of bravery. Each one of them feels so different.”

Amber Rudd had earlier addressed the nominees at an afternoon reception at 10 Downing Street, alongside Prime Minister Theresa May.

There she said: “I want to say my own personal thank you for all that you do and my enormous admiration for all your hard work.

“I was so struck last year when on my first day as Home Secretary I went to the event in the evening and it really came home to me the extraordinary risks that you take, the great confidence you have and the spontaneous response you have in helping people, people who are quite often very vulnerable and have got themselves in a terrifying situation.

“When I speak to you, I will always remember you saying “I am just doing my job”. Well to us you do so much more than that. I want to say a big thank you for that.”

More information on our Bravery Awards web page.