Detail needed on government pledge to invest in public services

21 June 2017

PFEW Chair Steve White

Greater clarity is needed on proposals to invest in public services, including policing, following commitments made in today’s Queen's Speech.

The speech outlined the Government’s commitment to strengthen the economy to generate the funds needed to invest in public services in the next two years. However, more information is needed to understand what this means in real terms.

Steve White, chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “There is, more than ever, an absolute need for immediate investment in policing to ensure public safety. Numbers matter and we’ve only seen them go one way in recent years.

“You don’t immediately reap what you sow, which is why funding to increase resources is needed right now.”

The creation of a new commission to tackle extremism and a review of counter-terrorism strategy was also outlined.

Mr White said: “We have always said that prevention is better than cure and welcome the commitment to help tackle and prevent the heinous acts we have all had to witness in recent months.

“Playing a key role in that prevention are of course the police. But the government must not neglect areas where reduced investment has jeopardised our ability to tackle the root cause, community policing.”

Legislation to better protect victims of domestic violence and abuse will also be expedited.

Mr White added: “This is a crime that ruins, and often even ends, lives. It’s something every officer deals with and that never gets any easier. Improved legislation to better protect victims will be welcomed by all."