Police service outlines its needs from future government

15 May 2017

The three policing staff associations have written an open letter to all political parties outlining what the service needs from the next government.
The Police Federation of England and Wales, Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales, and the Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association have joined forces to put forward the fundamental requirements for an effective police service.
These include adequate funding, effective support from other agencies, proper protection for officers, and for a public debate about the role of policing.
The letter, signed by the respective heads of the three organisations, Gavin Thomas, Steve White and Mark Polin, says:
“We collectively speak for the 125,000 police officers in England and Wales charged with keeping the public safe."

"This general election is addressing some of the most significant issues to face this country in generations.

"It is vital that crime, justice and policing are among those topics properly addressed in the coming weeks, and that the voice of our respective members is heard.

"We need the police service to be funded to do what is required of it, and for it to be properly supported by those agencies playing a critical role in public safety, particularly in the area of protecting vulnerable people.

"We also need police officers and staff to be properly trained, properly protected, and effectively supported in the difficult, pressurized and often dangerous roles they undertake.

"The police service is stretched. The public’s demand for policing exceeds the service’s capacity to deliver. We urge all parties to use this election period as an opportunity to begin this debate now by ensuring issues of crime, justice and policing are discussed with the public.”
Read the full letter.
The letter has also been shared with Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and the College of Policing.