True Picture Day – Monday 8 May

04 May 2017

Police officers

Was your last shift met with difficulties?  Were you single-crewed?  How did you feel?   

On Monday, 8 May, we are holding a true picture day via Twitter and are looking for officers to tell us about the challenges of their last shift – this will help inform the officer welfare session at our forthcoming annual conference, 16-17 May.

  • How much time did you spend on non-police duties?
  • Did you attend to city centre trouble over the weekend?
  • Did you still go on shift even though you were feeling unwell?
  • Was your team up to full capacity?
  • Were there enough hours to fulfil all your duties?
  • Are you feeling overworked, undervalued and overwhelmed by the pressure of the job?

Please let us know by using the hashtag #truepicture - if you take part please bear in mind your force social media policy, don’t compromise yourself.

The session 'Welfare survey - what does it mean to you?' will take place on Tuesday 16 May and be led by PFEW mental health lead Che Donald.