Members' annual survey on pay and morale is now open

18 April 2017

Pay and morale survey

Our biggest members’ survey of the year launches today.

A link to the Police Federation of England and Wales’ (PFEW) annual survey on pay and morale in the service is being sent via email directly to members via their Police National Network (PNN) email accounts.

The PFEW General Secretary Andy Fittes said: “Members, your opinion matters to us so please do have your say. This survey is the only annual police workforce survey to gather consistent data on officers’ experiences across all 43 forces. The more members that complete this questionnaire, the more strength it will give us to keep people at the highest levels of policing informed of our members’ point of view.”

This year’s pay and morale survey findings will provide vital evidence for us to present to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB), which advises the government on police pay, as part of our submission to them for next year’s pay review.

In September 2016 we did not get the 2.8% pay uplift we asked for, but the PRRB agreed with us on every other aspect of police pay on which they were asked to make a decision.

Members’ input via this survey helped us to achieve the following:

  • the pay increase was consolidated, dismissing chief officers’ views that it should be non-consolidated, which would have meant the increase would not have been pensionable pay
  • Public Holiday Pay was not reduced
  • Away From Home Overnight Allowance was not scrapped
  • London Weighting went up by 1%
  • Dog Handler Allowance went up 1%
  • South East Allowance was increased.

To maintain the integrity of the data collected, we are working to ensure the survey is only completed by police officers, therefore it is only available via our email or if you contact your local Federation.

The survey now closes on 9 June.

Find out more about our work with the PRRB, the findings of the 2016 pay and morale survey and our 2017 PRRB submission.