BTP Fed pledges support to Protect the Protectors

29 March 2017

PFEW Vice-Chair Calum Macleod

PFEW Vice-Chair Calum Macleod

The campaign to better protect emergency service workers has had another boost, with the British Transport Police Federation (BTP) pledging their support.

The Protect the Protectors campaign, initiated by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), is calling for the courts to impose harsher and more consistent sentences to those convicted of assaulting emergency service workers.

Calum Macleod, PFEW Vice-Chair, and Mick Hume, Secretary of the Parliamentary Working Group, presented the campaign at the BTP Federation Annual Conference last week.

Mr Macleod said they received a positive response from those in attendance.

"The BTP Federation understands the value of the Protect the Protectors campaign, and the difference it is trying to make.

“Police officers are people too, and can be broken. They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons and none of them deserve to go to work and get assaulted.”

Darren Townsend, General Secretary of the BTP Federation, said: “As police officers we know the risks involved in our work, but that doesn’t mean assaults should be an accepted part of the job. Under the uniform, we’re all human; physical scars may heal but attacks can leave other marks that don’t fade with time.

“By supporting the Protect the Protectors campaign we can not only highlight these issues to the public, but reassure our members that their welfare is our top priority.” 

Mr Macleod added the BTP Federation understood the legal avenues that the campaign would need to go down, and was offering their support to help make the necessary changes.

“Together, we can make a positive change for all our members – and, hopefully, for all emergency service workers.”