Right resources needed following terror attack

28 March 2017

PFEW Chair Steve White on BBC Panorama

PFEW Chair Steve White on BBC Panorama

The horrific terrorist attack in Westminster that claimed four innocent lives, including that of PC Keith Palmer, has reinforced the need for a police service that has the right resources and support to continue running towards danger.

This was the sentiment of Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, who took part in a Panorama special – Westminster Terror Attack last night.  The programme explored the series of events that took place on the day, including eyewitness accounts.

Steve White said: “There are bound to be questions on whether things would have been different if more officers were armed and if PC Palmer had a firearm. It’s likely we’ll never have a clear answer. What’s important is that there are many tactical options to mitigate threat that we need to consider.

“We have to police the threats that we currently face and MPs must take the advice of professionals in the police service on what we can do and how we can best do it. We no longer live in a world of traditional unarmed British bobbies walking the street meaning all will be well.”

These points build on a comment piece by Steve White published in the Sunday Express following the attack. In this article he outlines his fear that this will happen again but is clear that the police service will continue to rise to the challenge.

He further outlines the need for the public to ensure that “what they want and what they demand from their police service is achievable.”

Mr White added: “To do this the service needs the tools, resources and beyond all else, the support from leaders and government alike, to deliver what people want.”