Further frontline support for Taser

13 February 2017

Police Taser

Police Taser

A poll by the Metropolitan Police Federation has revealed that 75% of officers surveyed feel all Metropolitan Police officers should be issued with Taser whilst on duty.

As well as increased support for officers carrying a Taser, the results showed that only 6% of officers feel there are currently an “adequate” amount of officers carrying a gun in the capital.

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said the results would help shape the Staff Association’s future discussions with the new Met Commissioner and the Mayor’s office over Taser, firearms and both officer and public safety.

The figures, drawn from just under 11,000 responses, further support the view of officers across the country. In January, 82% of federated officers who responded to a national survey said Taser should be issued to more frontline officers, up 8% since 2014.

In particular, respondents wanted more availability of Taser for those in roles within neighbourhood policing (86%), roads policing (86%) and response (82%).

The figures came a month after a public survey showed 71% of those taking part considered it acceptable for police officers to carry Taser when on patrol.

Speaking at the time the results of the national survey were released, Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales said: “Our members have spoken, the public have spoken, now it’s time to hear from those in a position to make this change happen.

“The very real reality is that we live in a very dangerous world. With an increasing population and ever evolving demand on policing our members must be afforded the right equipment to keep both the public and themselves safe.”

A campaign by the Police Federation of England and Wales to Protect the Protectors started in earnest this month and is seeking to achieve:

•    a change in legislation, leading to tougher sentences for those who assault emergency service workers
•    better training and access to equipment – wider roll-out of protection measures, such as Taser, body worn video and spit guards
•    more accurate data on police assaults
•    improved welfare support.

Metropolitan Police Federation survey release

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