Engaging with frontline key for achieving Vision 2025

16 November 2016

A new vision for policing, which sets out how the service will transform over the next ten years, must focus on the current frontline.

The Policing Vision 2025 is a joint project by the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said it outlined some sound aspirations about improving and moving the police service into the future.

“When looking at all the priorities, we must remember that the current workforce is the important part of this project. Any transformational change needs to begin by looking to the frontline and their ability to deliver change. Engagement with the rank and file officers, both directly and through ourselves is essential going forward.”

Mr White said that the five priorities, local policing, specialist capabilities, digital policing, workforce and IT support function, were sensible. They painted a picture of the future that could be a brighter one for officers and the public alike if delivered against.

However, resourcing and funding will be key.

“For this vision to be delivered, and on-time, we need firm knowledge of our resources in the years ahead – for too many years we have lived hand-to-mouth, hampering our ability to plan ahead and move forward.”

He added that this vision, as with any other, must be adaptable. “Growing political devolution is an issue with as yet unknown outcomes. These changes will add a level of complexity to the transformational change and any plans must flexible.”

Mr White said, “The police service has reached breaking point today, so a clear and achievable vision for the police service of tomorrow is one that we must all get behind. It cannot continue as it is.

"We will all play our part but, as ever, it is the frontline that will be the driving force in achieving this, and they need the assurance from senior leaders that they will be effectively supported to deliver this vision.”