Stop and search an essential tool for operational policing

27 October 2016

Stop and search

Reacting to new Stop and Search training for officers announced by the College of Policing today, Simon Kempton from the Police Federation of England and Wales said:

“When it is properly used, stop and search is an essential tool for operational policing as it disrupts and detects criminal activity such as knife crime and the proliferation of Class A drugs.

“The tactic has been firmly under the spotlight for many years. It’s true that this has no doubt impacted on its level of use but must be seen hand in hand with reducing resources that prevents proactive policing. We police with public consent so it is right and proper that we are able to account for our use of the power for which effective measures are in place. 

“The findings of the pilot are encouraging and any guidance and training that assists our members is greatly welcomed. It’s now essential that this improved training is made easily available to officers in a timely way.

“Equally as important is the need to change how we communicate why we use stop and search with both the public and importantly, with those we actually search. We know when we do this public support increases alongside officer confidence. Good news for the public, bad news for the criminal.”