Reality strikes - MP fears for safety while on patrol

22 August 2016

Recently, it was reported that Holly Lynch, MP for Halifax, called 999 while out on patrol with an officer in her Yorkshire constituency. The reason? She feared for both her and the officer’s safety when they were surrounded by a group of individuals after pulling over a car.

Ms Lynch has now written a blog outlining her experience and the need for change.

Reading Holly’s blog, Steve White, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said:

“Reducing officer numbers, reducing budgets and increasing risks to officer safety are all messages we have be accused of ‘harping on’ about. But ‘harp on’ we will and with good reason, these are all realities of the current policing climate.

“Holly Lynch has now seen this reality first hand. Reflecting on her experience she outlines the stark cuts faced in her area, something repeated throughout England and Wales. She also makes clear the need for many of the things we continue to push government to support including, protecting neighbourhood policing, a fresh look at sentencing for those who assault officers and the need for societal change to help vulnerable individuals that police are so often left to support.

“Incidents like this will continue to happen every day. Government must work with us to help ensure that those putting their lives at risk to protect the public are given both the resources they need to do this effectively and the legislation to support them when their position is abused.”

Read Holly Lynch’s blog by clicking here.