Off-duty officer who tackled two armed men following robbery wins South East Bravery Award

14 July 2016

A Sussex police officer, PC Greg Montier, who was off duty when he tackled two armed men following a robbery, was tonight named as the Region 5 (South East) winner at the 21st Police Bravery Awards in London. The awards, sponsored by Police Mutual, honour and recognise police officers who perform outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty.

Whilst off duty on 7 January 2015, PC Montier was driving through Bexhill when he saw something on the pavement rolling into the road. Getting out of his car to see what was happening he saw two men kicking another man who was lying in the road. He shouted at the two men to stop, causing them to run off. The victim was shaken but not seriously hurt.

It was then that PC Montier – who had just one year in service – saw the suspects had started walking so he ran after them and rugby tackled one of them to the floor. The man started to violently struggle but the officer managed to pin him against a car, instructing the victim, who’s phone had been stolen in the attack, to knock on doors and get someone to phone 999.

The second offender then returned to the scene and threatened the officer with a claw hammer. Despite this, the officer kept hold of the man he was wrestling with, attempting to use him as a shield. The struggle continued and PC Montier then realised the man he was holding had a 12” spanner in his hand. After several minutes of struggling the man managed to break free and both robbers ran off. PC Montier chased them but was unable to catch them due to his exhaustion following the struggle.

The victim was able to retrieve his phone before they escaped and was subsequently able to identify both men who were later arrested. PC Montier also received a Chief Constable's Commendation for his bravery.

On receiving his award from Sara Thornton, Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council, PC Greg Montier said: “This award means so much to me, it's a once in the lifetime opportunity and I still can't believe I'm being counted amoung all the other award winners. My family and my partner have been so proud of me since I was nominated, they'll be thrilled to know that I've actually won."

Matt Webb, chairman of Sussex Police Federation, said: “PC Montier demonstrated real bravery. Despite having no support available to him, he was willing to put himself in danger to protect members of the public and tackled the offenders face to face.”

Giles York, Chief Constable Sussex Police, said: “Greg lived up to the highest expectations of the public of Sussex.  He put himself into harm’s way, fulfilling the duty of every police officer – even though he was off duty – to protect a man who was under severe attack.  He deserves the highest praise and I’m so pleased to see the recognition at this awards ceremony.”

Stephen Mann, CEO of Police Mutual, said: “Congratulations to all of the brave nominees this year. We are proud to continue our support for such an inspirational event in the Policing calendar and to be able to show our respect for the exceptional courage shown by Police Officers who risk their lives every day to protect the public.”