Moves to restrict spending by local Federation branch boards

17 May 2016

Calls by the Home Secretary Theresa May for further controls on local Federation finances have been welcomed by PFEW.

The Home Secretary Theresa May is to consult with the Police Federation to ensure large amounts of money spent at branch board level are sanctioned at national level.

We are already working to centralise our finances as per the Independent Review - at the moment members pay money to their local federation and the centre gets 70 per cent, but shortly all members' subscriptions will come to the centre first. Ms May warned local branches not to use members’ subscriptions as "a slush fund" for the Federation or pocket money for officials. She criticised boards for their spending decisions which she called "both questionable and opaque".

Ms May highlighted cases where boards had spent ‘thousands of pounds’ on retiring Federation representatives. The Home Secretary said she would work with the Federation to amend its regulations so that any expenditure above a defined amount would have to be agreed by national officers of the Federation, know currently as the Interim National Board. The defined amount would be set by the Police Federation.