Police Federation making ‘clear progress’ on reforms

17 May 2016

The Police Federation of England and Wales is making clear progress in reforming the way we conduct our business following the Independent Review, according to the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Addressing delegates on the first day of our annual conference in Bournemouth, Ms May commended the changes including that officers must now voluntarily join the Police Federation, the modernisation of IT and the 'change programme' which is underway.  She praised PFEW chair, Steve White, and general secretary, Andy Fittes, for their hard work and commitment to change under the Federation's own Independent Review, despite setbacks and delays.  She said: “You have recognised that the Police Federation will be more representative, more credible and more professional as a result.”

However, she added only 24 of the 36 recommendations made in the Review, conducted by Sir David Normington, have been delivered while recommendations, such as the Independent Reference Group, did not live up to the ‘spirit’ of the review.  However, the completion of many of those recommendations actually depend on the changing of regulations by the Home Office.

She warned the Police Federation must finish the job of reforming itself otherwise she would step in.  She added: “If you stall, if you falter, or if the Federation turns its back on reform, I will legislation to do it for you.

“But for as long as you are making progress, I will listen and I will help you because you doing the right thing."

We accepted all the recommendations made in the Independent Review published in 2014.