Police Federation film wins award

04 May 2016

Our short film – ‘You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ – which was showcased at last year’s Police Federation conference, has won a national award for successfully communicating the consequences of cuts to policing.

The video – produced by Glasgows and @Voytek – won Gold for Communication Effectiveness in the EVCOM Screen Awards 2016 (Event and Visual Communication Association) as well as Highly Commended in the Marketing and PR category last week. 

The aim of the film was to improve the perception of policing and highlight the damage of cuts to the service and was presented to the Home Secretary during the chair’s keynote speech at conference last year.  

The video immediately went viral, amassing 60,000 hits in 24 hours, and fuelled public debate on social media.  It was featured in the national press including the Independent and Mirror as well as on BBC Newsnight that evening reaching approximately 600,000 viewers.

The ‘day in the life’ film shows a series of typical everyday incidents dealt with effectively by two police officers, demonstrating their reassuring presence to the public.  The scenarios include an older woman traumatised and trapped in her house by some rowdy youths outside, a distraught mother who had lost her child and a domestic abuse episode.  The last scene shows a man about to commit suicide from a bridge – and what happens when the police officer who is trying to help him disappears.  

The film has now become part of our Believe in Blue campaign.