'Public are being short-changed' as further 4,000 police officers and staff are cut

28 January 2016

Police Cuts

Latest Home Office data for the number of police officers and staff employed show a 1.5% reduction in officers, 1.7% reduction in police staff, 7.5% cut in PCSOs, 4.3% reduction in the number of Special Constables and 1.9% reduction overall in the total workforce, across England and Wales.

Steve White, Chair of the PFEW said: “For the first time in a number of years the reduction in the number of actual officers is larger year on year.

This means almost two thousand fewer officers available, with another one thousand vital backroom staff cut.

On top of that, around a thousand PCSOs and more than 700 Special Constables have also gone.

What this means in plain terms, is reduced visibility to the public which we serve, diminished resources and capacity to do the job professionally, and with each officer carrying a greater workload.

The public are being short changed with forces under more and more pressure and with less and less fewer people to maintain an ever expanding remit.

There is nothing good to say about a cut of nearly four thousand people from the total ‘policing family’, at a time when officer resilience should be our main concern.”