Driver stop checks fall dramatically

28 January 2016

Roads Policing

Stop checks on drivers as part of annual campaigns fell by more than 65,000, according to latest figures released yesterday, Wednesday 27 January.

The national Christmas drink and drug drive campaigns, which ran from December 1 - 31, saw 110,226 breath tests administered in 2015 compared to 175, 831 three years ago.

And in every separate category – from those involved in collisions to tests on those aged under 25 - the total number of tests given has reduced.

This is the first Christmas campaign where new drug detection devices have been used, which test for 17 legal and illegal drugs. Of 1888 drug screening devices administered by officers, nearly 50 per cent of people stopped found to be under the influence of drugs.  

Jayne Willetts, roads policing lead for the PFEW, said: “The results are disappointing but not surprising. It is a worrying fact that fewer people are being stopped and that alone means that the safety of the public is at risk. However with police officer numbers falling it is hardly surprising that fewer drivers are being stopped. This is not good news.

“I don’t doubt that there were targeted stops and any driver who is taken off the roads for being under the influence of drink or drugs is positive, but the fact remains that these figures are considerably lower than in previous years.”

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