Prime Minister celebrates police bravery

27 October 2015

All niminies at downing streetThe Prime Minister David Cameron, Home Secretary Theresa May and Minister for Policing,  Mike Penning today celebrated the bravery of 64 police officers at a special reception hosted at 10 Downing Street.

Officers from 38 forces around the country attended the reception (pictured) as a mark of recognition for their heroic acts.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I want to thank all of our extraordinary Police men and women for their courageous responses to the most desperate situations. From diving into freezing canals, grabbing guns and knives to jumping into burning buildings, everyone nominated makes me incredibly proud.

I also want to thank all Police officers in our country for your professionalism, sense of duty, and unwavering commitment to the British people – the way you do your job makes our police force the envy of the world.”

Steve White, chair, Police Federation of England and Wales said: “Today we give recognition to some of the finest police officers in the country, whose dedication to duty and selflessness go beyond all comprehension. However, it is also important that we stop to reflect on the countless acts of police bravery that go unreported and largely unrecognised.

“I have had the privilege of meeting officers who have risked their own lives for others, Many of whom have been humbled to have their courage recognised for what they regard as ‘just doing their job’.

“It is an honour to host the 20th national Police Bravery Awards, which this year gives recognition to 64 nominees from 38 forces. I never fail to be astounded by the heroism of the officers nominated for a Police Bravery Award and this year is no exception.”