Officers’ Herculean efforts ‘not stopping impact of budget cuts’

20 October 2015

An official report which criticises the efficiency of a number of police forces and casts doubt on the ability of others to withstand a new round of budget cuts should be a ‘wake-up call to the government and country,’ the Police Federation has warned.

Steve White, chair, Police Federation of England and Wales, said the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary report demonstrated that the public must be allowed the chance to state what it is they want their police service to do.

The report, called Police Efficiency 2015, published today, found problems in the way the individual forces work together, as well as difficulties in procuring IT equipment that is fit for purpose. A poll conducted alongside the survey suggests that many of the public believe the service they are receiving is getting worse.

Steve White said: “This report should be a wake-up call for the government and the country regarding the future delivery of policing. It makes clear that despite Herculean efforts, the impact of budgets cuts on policing is now taking its toll.

“This report should be the catalyst to a full and proper public debate on what the public want from their police service in the next five years. All options should be considered particularly around collaborations, which are clearly not delivering as well as they should.

“This combined with deep concerns over Information Technology and the changing face of crime suggests a much more joined up approach is required.  How many forces need to fail, putting the public at risk, before something is done?

“The time is right to be considering a proper review of policing, what it delivers, how it delivers it, with whom it works with and how it is funded.”