Officer complaints rise but investigations must be more speedily resolved

07 October 2015

Complaints against police officers should be resolved more speedily, the Police Federation has warned.
The comments come after the Independent Police Complaints Commission released annual report into complaints statistics for the year 2014/15 which show a slight rise of six per cent to just over 37,000.
Of the 31,333 allegations investigated, 14 per cent were upheld nationally – the same proportion as in 2013/14.
Alex Duncan, professional standards lead at the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: ‘Policing is about maintaining public order and keeping the streets safe. Police officers do this by confronting the often unpleasant and dangerous elements in society and such interactions often lead to grievances being raised.
‘Having a robust and well-resourced complaints system is crucial in ensuring the police service remains accountable for its actions. We are still concerned by the length of time it can take to resolve complaints but we are encouraged by the latest figures which are an indication that the system is working.
‘However, let’s be clear – this rise in complaints is not mirrored in the national figures by complaints against police officers being upheld, which remains relatively low.’