20th Police Bravery Awards to honour this year’s bravest officers

01 October 2015

Police officers who have risked death and serious harm to protect the public will be honoured at the Police Federation’s annual bravery awards on 27 October.

64 unsung heroes from 38 police forces across England and Wales have been nominated for outstanding bravery in the face of extreme danger, including fire, river rescues and confronting armed offenders.  One will be crowned 2015’s bravest police officer, with a further eight regional winners also recognised on the night.  

The country will hear stories of remarkable feats of bravery from officers in Gloucestershire to Wales, London to Hampshire, Suffolk to West Midlands, Yorkshire to Cumbria and most of the forces in between.

Last year, the Police Federation of England and Wales and Police Bravery Awards sponsor, Police Mutual named Metropolitan Police Sgt Stephen Brown as 2014’s bravest police officer for single-handedly tackling a Samurai sword wielding man.  

Of this year’s nominees Steve White, chair, Police Federation of England and Wales, said:

“Police officers put themselves in dangerous situations every day, it is something they do instinctively, whether on or off duty.  Public safety always comes first and the officers who have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award are all testimony to that.  

“I have had the privilege of meeting officers who have risked their lives for others, many of whom have been humbled to have their courage recognised for what they regard as ‘just doing their job’. However, it is also important that we stop to reflect on the countless acts of police bravery that go unreported and largely unrecognised.   

“It is an honour to host the 20th national Police Bravery Awards.  I never fail to be astounded by the heroism of the officers nominated for an award and this year is no exception.”

Stephen Mann, CEO, Police Mutual, sponsor of the Police Bravery Awards continued:

“Police Mutual is extremely proud to sponsor the Police Bravery Awards, recognising the courage of police officers who face extremely challenging situations every day to keep the public safe. Our ongoing, long-term commitment to support these awards reflects the incredible respect we have for the work of the police service.”