Detectives’ survey on policing today

16 September 2015

Detectives across England and Wales are being urged to take part in a national survey on their role in policing and what matters to them.

All detectives and trainee detectives are invited to take part and the results will be published next month.

Karen Stephens, who is leading the survey on behalf of the Federation said: “Detectives play a valuable role in the policing family and are hugely respected for the skills and expertise they bring to investigations. They are even asked to go all over the world when major investigations happen, supporting teams elsewhere. It is vital that we hear their views so that we can really understand what is going on and can continue to represent them at a national level.

“Last year more than 4,000 detectives took part and revealed some interesting results. For example 61% of those who took part felt that victims were not getting the service they deserved because of workload pressures on officers and with the continued cuts to the service as a whole it will be really interesting to see how that has changed in the last year.”

Last year’s results also found that 54% of responders thought they did not have the necessary access to technology in order to perform their role effectively; 80% said service cuts have impacted on their well-being; 88% said an increased workload has led them to feel under pressure; and 74% said that work keeps them away from family more than they would like.

The survey is open until Friday 2nd October. If you are a detective or trainee detective in England and Wales you can take part here