“Significant success” following Winsor’s recommendations to introduce threshold testing, says General Secretary Andy Fittes

02 June 2015

 All constables will have the ability to access the top point of their pay scale if they pass the relevant threshold test following representations to the Home Office by the Police Federation, conference heard.

Andy Fittes, general secretary, told delegates that an agreement had been reached, through the Police Negotiating Board, to ensure that the specialist testing should be open to all who choose to take it instead of those with specialist skills, as the Winsor report had initially stipulated.

Other significant successes include:

•    All officers will be entitled to performance related increments in their pay. Under Winsor, this would have only applied to fixed proportions of high-achieving officers – even if all officers were performing strongly. The Federation had argued this was unfair

•    Winsor recommendations would have seen officers using a traditional exam style format whilst taking threshold tests, the Federation has stated that they will work with the College of Policing to develop work-based assessments more relevant to the role of officers.

Mr Fittes went on to say that, although one aim of Winsor’s recommendation was to enhance the professionalism of officers, “it is undeniable that another was to limit the access to pay that officers currently have”.

Mr Fittes said, ‘The College of Policing has produced a model for assessment. It will not be formal testing process as envisaged by Winsor, but instead will be based largely on normal continuous development activity. The tests will be work-based assessments based on an analysis of job requirements.

The scheme design is still in pilot stage, there will be clearer indication of the effectiveness of the scheme from the beginning of next year.