Enough is enough: Cuts have consequences

19 May 2015

“Enough is enough.”

This is the message the Police Federation of England and Wales will be sending to the government.

So said Steve White, chair of the national Federation, as he addressed the 1,200 delegates at Bournemouth today, Tuesday 19 May.

Steve said: “Cuts have consequences and quite simply, we can do no more. This week we will be discussing what the consequences have been to the service, but more importantly, we will be looking ahead to the dire potential outcomes if things do not change. The dire outcome for officers; and most importantly for the public.

“We will also be hearing about the challenges we have, in taking our concerns to the public and government before it's too late: because if the government is not careful, it will be too late, and the public and those in power won't realise what they have got in the police service until it's gone.”

Mr White also called for a “change of attitude" in the government, so that the public can have a say in what they want from policing and a change of attitude so that instead of standing up to the Police Federation, the government stands up for the Police Federation and listens to officers who are on the ground with the experience of what things are really like.

“We are fighting for our members who are at breaking point and we are fighting for the public so that we can provide the service they need,” he said.

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