The Policing Challenge: Cuts Have Consequences

06 May 2015

The challenge of policing in a climate of extreme cuts will be the focus of the Police Federation of England and Wales’ annual conference this year.

Taking place over three days in May, the conference will be one of the first major events for the new Government and will examine some of the key challenges facing the policing service.

The conference will also be the first with Steve White as chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, and the 91st conference overall.

Mr White said: “It is a privilege and an honour to be leading the Federation in times of unprecedented change to policing, and to the Federation itself.

“Our conference is a fantastic opportunity for politicians, the media and the public to hear first-hand about the issues affecting our 123,000 members and the wider policing family. We will be discussing the impact of cuts and the many challenges that presents for us to deliver a policing service the public want; highlighting the consequences and the danger 17,000 fewer officers presents for national resilience.

“We will be talking about key issues that concern everyone in our society - mental health; assaults; counter-terrorism; cybercrime; child protection; drink driving and much more. These are serious concerns that need a fully-resourced service to be able to cope. Our message to the public is: you may not realise what you’ve got until it’s gone.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to set out our stall; to let the Government know that the service cannot sustain any further cuts in budget or officer numbers without a significant impact on service delivery.

“The eyes of the country will be upon us and it is a fantastic opportunity for the public, politicians, the media, officers and the wider policing family to show support for, and solidarity with, the finest of British policing.”

The full agenda and details of sessions and guest speakers is here.

We'll be tweeting using #polfed15 and #cutshaveconsequences.

Sessions will also be live streamed here on our website