PFEW will today give oral evidence to the Police Remuneration Review Body

04 March 2015

The Police Federation’s General Secretary, Andy Fittes will today complete the second stage of the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) process when he gives oral evidence to support the written submission provided in January this year.

Mr Fittes will support our case that police officer pay should increase in the next financial year by the maximum 1% limit set by the government.

Home Secretary Theresa May has asked the bodies that make up the Police Remuneration Review Body – which has replaced the Police Negotiating Board – to make recommendations on pay increases for 2015/16; the retention of the London Lead; and on different pay at regional and local level.  Those providing evidence are also being given the opportunity to provide feedback on the on the PRRB remit for the next five years.

Andy Fittes, General Secretary, said: “Our submission takes a long-term approach. This is not just about the here and now, but about ensuring we are recognised as a credible organisation supplying strong evidence-based submissions. To that end, this submission is about planning for future pay uplifts as well as just for 2015/16. We have therefore asked for an uplift of the maximum of 1% for all, including officers who receive an increment to basic pay, existing regional allowances and all allowances that are normally included in uplifts, such as dog handlers’ allowance. Not only does this take account of our recognition of the public sector austerity measures set by Government, but it addresses our primary concern in that there should be no further divisive pay changes. Officers have had to endure much turbulence to their pay and allowances in recent years as a result of the Winsor review and we are asking that there be no further piecemeal change to pay and conditions without proper long-term evidence of its impact.”

The PRRB has until April to consider the evidence presented.  The first set of recommendations and conclusions will be submitted to the Home Secretary in June 2015 and is expected to be ratified in July, for the September 2015 pay settlement.

Notes to editors:

The Pay Review Body replaced the Police Negotiating Board. A remit letter from the Home Secretary outlines the matters it should review, and employers and staff associations are asked to submit written and oral evidence for the Review Body to assess. Following consideration of that evidence, it will arrive at independent judgements on pay recommendations for that year to be submitted to the Home Secretary. The Review Body covers police officer pay, allowances, hours of work and leave. Its terms of reference make clear it should take into account the Government’s prevailing public sector pay policy but also a range of factors including police roles, the prohibition on trade union membership and withdrawing labour, recruitment, retention, motivation and affordability. Other areas, such as pensions, will be considered by the Police Advisory Board.

Those providing evidence will be Government departments, organisations managing the police service (including ACPO, the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, and the Northern Ireland Policing Board), and staff associations (ourselves and the Police Superintendents’ Association). The Review Body will be required to consider the frontline role of officers and the operating environments of different forces. It will supplement the evidence submissions with visits to police forces to meet officers and discuss their concerns over pay and conditions. 

Further information on the Review Body and its membership