Backroom cuts ‘damage the whole of policing’

30 January 2015

The HMIC has today published ‘Integrity matters’:  An inspection of arrangements to ensure integrity and to provide the capability to tackle corruption in policing.  The report sets out HMIC’s findings on the capability and capability of police forces in England and Wales to tackle misconduct and corruption.  HMIC found no evidence to suggest that corruption is endemic within the police service in its inspections: the overwhelming majority of officers and staff are honest and professional.  However the report found issues of concern around consistency and some forces lacked the capability to proactively seek out and prevent corruption.

The Police Federation has warned that it is impossible to cut backroom services in police forces without damaging the whole of policing.

Alex Duncan, professional standards lead, Police Federation of England and Wales, said the government should note warnings contained within an HM Inspectorate of Constabulary report published today into anti-corruption measures which showed some forces have been forced to cut the size of their professional standards departments to cope with the severe budget cuts.

Mr Duncan said: ‘We welcome HM Inspectorate of Constabulary’s confirmation of what we have been saying for years -  there is no endemic corruption in the police service. As the report makes clear, the overwhelming majority of police officers are honest and professional and are the first to call for those who fall beneath these high standards to be properly dealt with.

‘The small number who do not adhere to these high standards are brought to justice primarily as the direct result of the active intervention of their colleagues.  As the report makes clear, it is vital that professional standards departments are properly resourced and while we welcome the fact that many forces have managed to achieve this despite a severe cut in their budgets in recent years, it is disappointing that some have felt it necessary to make savings in this area.

‘This represents more clear evidence, if any were required, that it is impossible to reduce backroom services without damaging the service as a whole.’


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