Wiltshire - Stalking and historical sexual abuse

DC Tom Fowler

DC Tom Fowler, Wiltshire Police

 New Trainee Detective

Wiltshire Police: DC Tom Fowler

A Wiltshire trainee detective has been nominated for overseeing the conviction of a man with more than 600 police reports against him.

The investigation began in September 2016, when Wiltshire Police were called by a young woman who was reporting that her ex-partner had been stalking her, as well as threatening to assault her family and cause criminal damage to her house if she did not meet with him upon demand.

DC Tom Fowler was allocated this case where a detailed and complex investigation began, which included the seizure and search of the scenes of numerous rapes.  Numerous forensic downloads of the victims’ mobile phones was also obtained.

During the course of the investigation, DC Fowler took on a number of domestic abuse cases involving the same offender.

As a result of DC Fowler’s tenacious investigation, which he conducted single-handily, the offender was sentenced to more than 20 years. His family were also handed down sentences for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

In addition the criminal family’s powerbase was destroyed and the vulnerable women victims (two of whom were children when first sexually coerced and abused) have obtained justice. DC Fowler was still completing his ICIDP portfolio during the investigation which is what makes the results of this investigation even more impressive.

DC Tom Fowler said: “I am very honoured to be recognised for this award, which came as a pleasant surprise.  This investigation was constantly evolving with new victims and developments happening on a weekly basis.

“Being new into the role, a lot of the enquiries that I was carrying out were new to me, meaning I was constantly learning and developing my skills. While I was the Officer in Charge (OIC) for the case, I was lucky to have the support of members of my team, in particular DC Yvonne Ridge and my tutor DC Matt Lewis who helped me many a time with enquiries and hundreds of questions.  

“It was undoubtedly worthwhile in the end when the first victim who had the bravery to initially come forward told me we had restored her faith in the police and changed her life forever"

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