TVP - detained knife killer in busy town centre

Sergeant Mark Allmond PC Alex Quigley

Sergeant Mark Allmond and PC Alex Quigley

Officers from Thames Valley Police who detained a Poundland knife killer in a busy town centre, have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award.

Off-duty Sgt Mark Allmond was shopping with his family, when he heard a man shouting and making threats.

Unknown to him, the man had just walked into Poundland, taken a large carving knife from the shelves and killed an innocent member of the public, before walking out onto the street. Sgt Allmond followed the offender through the town centre, whilst calling the police and updating them with his location. He followed behind at a safe distance, warning people to stay away as the man continued to make threats, still holding the knife.

The man approached a member of the public and with the knife in one hand, held his other hand out and shouted “shake my hand, can you shake my hand?” Sgt Allmond shouted to him “I tell you what mate, put the knife down, I’ll shake your hand”, to try to distract him away from the member of the public.

Sgt Allmond was successful, but his interruption angered the man who walked towards him and shouted aggressively “shake my hand.” PC Alex Quigley then arrived in an unmarked car equipped with a Taser. Standing away from Sgt Allmond to avert the man’s gaze, she used her Taser to challenge the man and demand that he drop the knife, which he did. With the man’s attention diverted, Sgt Allmond moved forward and restrained him, with the help of PC Quigley who was also able to handcuff him.

The officers safely detained and arrested the offender with no injuries to themselves, the man or other members of the public. They disarmed him of the carving knife, which was a key piece of evidence for the case.

Both officers demonstrated selflessness, bravery and courage and were able to remain calm and professional whilst dealing with an incident involving huge levels of risk. They put the safety of the public first and demonstrated incredibly high standards of professional behaviour.