Sussex - disarmed and arrested a man brandishing a knife

A Sussex PC has been nominated for a Police Bravery Award after disarming and arresting a man brandishing a knife while single-crewed.

PC Owen Flitton was on duty when a report came in of a man who had tried to steal an unattended taxi. Despite having no immediate back-up, he began to methodically search the area, concentrating on roads and places that he believed to be most likely where the man would be, before finding him and challenging him.

When he identified himself as a police officer, the man responded that he had a firearm in his bag. He began to reach inside to take hold of it, while telling PC Flitton to ‘go away’. Recognising the increased threat PC Flitton withdrew but kept watch.

The suspect turned to run but as he did so a car pulled up alongside him. The suspect pulled a large kitchen knife from his bag, demanding that the lady driver get out of the vehicle, and give him her car.

Despite the threats already made towards PC Flitton and the fact that he was still without any back up or support, he approached the armed suspect. Using his incapacitant spray he managed to get him to move away from the car, when he again tried to run.

PC Flitton ran after the suspect who, while still armed with the large knife, entered a shop and vaulted the counter, followed by PC Flitton. Now in a much smaller and enclosed space, the officer was able to wrestle him to the ground, pin him down, disarm and arrest him for the various offences he had committed.

The actions of PC Flitton displayed his bravery, dedication to duty and commitment to public service – the best traditions of the police service.