Northumbria - saved domestic violence victim

PC Gary Sharpe PC Victoria Threadgold

PC Gary Sharpe and PC Victoria Threadgold

Two PCs from Northumbria have been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after putting themselves in the firing line to save a domestic violence victim.

PCs Gary Sharpe and Victoria Threadgold were called out to a domestic violence incident where a woman had been assaulted. The offender was known to have a history of violence, was drunk and described as having a multiple personality disorder. PC Threadgold took charge of the female victim, removing her from danger. She was suffering from the effects of the assault, but also highly emotional and extremely volatile.

The officers went further into the house, where they were confronted by a furious heavily built man, who threatened them from the top of the stairs. He stood on the landing from behind a child safety gate, where he was encouraging two Staffordshire bull terriers and a German shepherd to attack the officers. The dogs were barking, biting and scratching at the gate.

He moved away and returned with a 4ft samurai sword, threatening both officers. PC Sharpe directed PC Threadgold to move back and, after some significant effort and talking, he eventually persuaded the man to put the sword down. He slammed it on a ledge at the top of the landing but immediately produced a black metal handgun, pointing it in the officer’s face.

With no cover, PC Sharpe had no other option but to disarm him with CS incapacitant spray and hand strikes. He successfully restrained the violent man, while PC Threadgold immediately came to his aid. The man continued to struggle with the two officers as they grabbed the weapon.

The officers demonstrated courage in dealing with such a significant threat and worked together as a team to reach a successful resolution to a situation that could have had far more serious consequences.