North Yorks - detained violent knife suspect in busy traffic

PC Richard Farrar

PC Richard Farrar

A North Yorkshire PC has been nominated for a national Police Bravery Award after risking his life detaining a violent knife suspect in busy traffic.

PC Richard Farrar was searching a suspected bicycle thief by a busy road, when the man became violent and tried to escape. As the officer tried to restrain him, the two men ended up struggling into the path of oncoming traffic. During the scuffle PC Farrar heard metal hit the ground - later discovering it was an eight inch kitchen knife that had been hidden in the suspect’s waist band.

PC Farrar and the man were still struggling on the road as the officer bravely tried to restrain the offender. He was aware that they were in the middle of a busy traffic light junction, with cars driving around them.

A member of the public saw the officer was in danger, and bravely helped PC Farrar restrain the suspect. His actions helped prevent the officer being injured and also stopped the suspect escaping, who was later charged with resisting arrest, possession of a bladed article and breach of court bail.

Both the member of the public and PC Farrar showed quick thinking, true courage and bravery in apprehending and restraining a dangerous and violent suspect in possession of a large knife in a very crowded public area. Their actions meant that a dangerous person was taken into police custody and could no longer pose a danger to the public.

North Yorkshire - CCTV photo of officer with knife

CCTV photo of officer with knife